Darrell Case is an American Christian writer. His novel, Never Ending Spring, won the Author Elite Award for best mystery 2020. He is a prolific writer of eleven books. More Tales from My Back Porch His twelfth book. Darrell and his wife Connie make their home in central Indiana.
Heading 6


 Darrell Case is at it again with More Tales from My Back Porch. Stretching your immigration and painting word pictures in your mind. From Hemingway’s Typewriter to Running with the Bull, his stories will keep you mesmerized for hours and bring you back to reality with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

25 stories reminiscent of tales told on the back porches of America a generation ago. So have a cup of your favorite beverage settle back and let Darrell tell you a story.

The Secret of Killer's Knob by author Darrell Case

The Secret Of Killer's Knob 


Sherriff Buck Olsen has survived two shootouts, the death of his wife and 29 years in law enforcement. The blue grass killer is murdering women in Bucks county. That makes it personal. 21 women are dead and unless Buck can stop him more will die. Determined to catch this serial killer, Buck makes himself a target. Now the killer is stalking him.

As a Christian, Buck sees beyond the grave. He knows his beloved Matty is waiting for him in heaven. But he has no plans to join her soon. When Buck and The Blue Grass Killer finally meet face to face, only one of them will come out alive.


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River of Fire

I couldn't put this down. I cried and smiled with the characters. It was a breathtaking ride with a satisfyingly ending

 The Secret of Killer's Knob


Case is a creative and engaging writer. His books are easy to pick up and hard to put down. The plot lines are not overly complicated, but are attractive. I especially appreciate the absence of distasteful and inappropriate things found in so many books today.

Awesome read, highly recommended. Darrell Case has an extraordinary mind.

Other books

I have so far read the book twice. It is written so well and the characters come to life right off the pages.

Darrell Case has a talent for writing a suspense novel that gets me hooked on page one and does not let go until I have finished and then I sit there thinking about all that happened in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the very first page. The relevancy of the message that comes through the storyline is so timely for this generation. I found this book to be entertaining, challenging and enlightening. I am personally encouraged to seek an even closer walk with the Lord and to stay the course of God's perfect will for my life and ministry.



It is so wonderful to read a good Christian book! It was engaging and, unfortunately, often true. How we humans harbor bitterness and pain. Not only does it hurt others , it hurts us the most. It was a gripping, no putter downer!

This was a beautiful story of love and forgiveness. And still it was a good mystery read. Highly recommend it.

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