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When Abigail is born, she is so ugly the nurses cover her so she won’t frighten the other patients. Her loving parents take her from doctor to doctor, hoping for some solution. They find she is healthy, with no medical reason for her appearance. They return home hoping she will grow out of her repulsiveness. When she is enough to go to school, her mother fashions a sack and loose clothing to cover her body. But they cannot protect her from the cruel remarks of the other children. Their cutting words may cause her to weep, however; they cannot touch her pure heart. Shunned Abigail withdraws to her bedroom to live her life in loneliness and despair. Imprisoned in her room, she discovers she has a talent for writing. Using this ability, she authors tales of love and compassion. She roams the village at night. One morning she forgets and leaves one of her stories on a branch. Discovered her writing spreads a crossed the kingdom. Despite being denied happiness because of her appearance, Abigail finds a special joy through her writing. Her fairy tales bring pleasure to all her readers.Is Abigail doomed to a life of loneliness and despair? What will happen when the king discovers her fairy tales? Will the king put an end to the writing of the ugliest girl in his kingdom?

Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale

Heading 5

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