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Darrell Case is an American Christian novelist born in Sullivan county, Indiana. His  His novel, Never Ending Spring, won the Author Elite Award for best mystery 2020. he is a prolific writer of eleven books. His twelfth Hemingway’s Typewriter scheduled to for release in the spring of 2021. Darrell and his wife Connie make their home in central Indiana.


Darrell Case is at it again with More Tales from My Back Porch. Stretching your immigration and painting word pictures in your mind. From Hemingway’s Typewriter to Running with the Bull, his stories will keep you mesmerized for hours and bring you back to reality with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

25 stories reminiscent of tales told on the back porches of America a generation ago. So have a cup of your favorite beverage settle back and let Darrell tell you a story.

Sluagh by author Darrell Case


Abused when a child, Max Furman mother tells him she should have killed him as an infant. The abuse and neglect deadens his heart. He is unloved and unwanted. When his sister Katie is born, his mother dotes on her the love Max craves.  One afternoon when he is fourteen. As Katie is sleeping, he murders her. His sister becomes his first kill.
Later, as an adult, Max develops into a serial killer of children, stealing their mother’s love. For eighteen years, he operates undetected, killing boys between the ages of four and seven. He buries their bodies where they are never found.
Then Max makes a fatal mistake. Yearning for recognition, he displays the dead children. Now the FBI is on the trail of the one the news media has labeled, “The Ghost.”
Seeking a place to hide, he sees an ad in a Christian Publication. Using a bogus resume, he becomes pastor of Waynesburg Baptist Church.
Angels Andrew and Antoine are created at the same instance. They became best friends and explored heaven, laughing, talking, serving The Lord. Then came the rebellion. Each one chose a side. Andrew stayed loyal to The Lord while Antoine joined Satan’s forces. After the fall, they became enemies sworn to battle each other for the souls of men.
Yet Antoine can never forget what he has lost. Nor can he wipe from his mind his future in the lake of fire. Antoine becomes Max’s Personal demon assisting him in all of his kills. Time is running out for Max And Antoine soon they will pay for their crimes

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Deadly Justice

A ruthless killer is stalking the women of Washington D.C. 18 bodies have been recovered from the Potomac River Weighted down with concrete blocks. The serial killer is Jerald Robbins the President of the United States. The Secret Service has no idea they are protecting a monster. From the Oval office Robbins establishes a network of assassins across America and sends them forth to execute anyone he deemed unworthy of living. FBI Director Tony Steel assigns Agent Alison Stevens to the case. Dogged by the memories of her murdered family, Alison is fleeing her own demons. During the investigation, she gets too close to the truth. Framed for murder of her partner Alison must elude the law and the vicious assassin Robbins sent to kill her. On the run, Alison fights for her life, to clear her name and bring Robbins to justice.

Tales from My Back Porch by author Darrell Case

Tales From my Back Porch

 In the evening, the back porch of the country home took on an aura of enchantment. As dusk settled and the lamp was lit, the children wandered in from their play to sit on the floor or snuggle in their parents' laps. Glasses of iced tea were refilled and someone would settle back, look up at the stars and say, "I remember when..." Thus began one of many tales, often embellished with some distant imagining. Each one taught a lesson of life. Once they were tucked in bed, the children would drift off with visions of the story in their heads. Years later, they would tell these tales of life to their own children, and so on through the generations. Welcome to my back porch. Please make yourself at home. By the way, I remember when...

Abigail Queen of Natronia by author Darrell Case

Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale

When Abigail is born, she is so ugly the nurses cover her so she won’t frighten the other patients. Her loving parents take her from doctor to doctor hoping for some solution. They find she is healthy, with no medical reason for her appearance. They return home hoping she will grow out of her repulsiveness. When she is enough to go to school, her mother fashions a sack and loose clothing to cover her body. But they cannot protect her from the cruel remarks of the other children. Their cutting words may cause her to weep, however; they cannot touch her pure heart. Shunned Abigail withdraws to her bedroom to live her life in loneliness and despair.

Imprisoned in her room, she discovers she has a talent for writing. Using this ability, she authors tales of love and compassion. She roams the village at night. One morning she forgets and leaves one of her stories on a branch. Discovered her writing spreads a crossed the kingdom. Despite being denied happiness because of her appearance, Abigail finds a special joy through her writing. Her fairy tales brings pleasure to all her readers.

 Is Abigail doomed to a life of loneliness and despair? What will happen when the king discovers her fairy tales? Will the king put an end to the writing of the ugliest girl in his kingdom?


River of Fire by author Darrell Case
Hands of The Father by author Darrell Case
Miracle at Coffeeville by author Darrell Case

River of Fire

 Adam Wakefield is sure of two things

 God has called him to pastor the church in Chicago, and he wants Victoria Winters as his wife. Metting Victoria on the train, he fells in love with the disgraced teacher. Jailed and run out of town, Victoria isn’t sure she can trust Adam. Possibly he just like the men who conspired to against her in Pottsville.

Adam is excited about his new position and sees great possibilities for the church. However, things are not as they seem. The leadership is stealing from the church. They murdered the last pastor, and if Adam uncovers their plot, he too will have to die. Unaware of their murderous plan, he changes the policies of the church reaching out to the poor. Can Adam win Victoria’s love and overcome the evil that surrounds him, or will it cost him his life?


 Hands of The Father


At 10 years old, Globe Jackson is a murderer. Not satisfied to be a serial killer Taylor Jackson forces his son to take part in slaughtering the women. Fearing his father's wrath Globe dare not oppose him. Found out Taylor Jackson is arrested. In jail awaiting trial, he believes his son has turned against him. In Jackson's mind, there is only one alternate. Escaping he sets out to kill the only witness to his crimes. His son.
Hunted by the law and his father Globe must run for his life. At every turn, it seems he is only one step away from death.
 Against all odds, Pastor Jeremiah Fuller fights to save the boy. It will take a miracle to rescue Globe and clear his name. However, Jeremiah believes in miracles and The God who sends them. But will Jeremiah be able to save Globe or will he die trying?
From Christian author Darrell Case comes a story of murder love and redemption


Miracle at Coffeeville


Seven stories that celebrate the hope, magic, and the true meaning of Christmas bundled together in one volume. 

• Facing. another gloomy Christmas, Jeff Barlow contemplates suicide as the only answer to his pain. A letter to Santa from a lonely little girl changes his life.

•  Stuck in a nursing home, Bessie becomes bitter and resentful. Then one Christmas God reveals her value to Him and others.

 • When his wonderful wife Mandy dies days before Christmas, Steven is devastated. They have vowed to spend each Christmas Eve together. Steven discovers even death can’t keep them apart.

• The. Great Depression is riding the folks at Coffeeville Hard. Their homes and even the church are in foreclosure. They brace themselves to go through another Christmas with nothing. But God has other plans and gives the people of Coffeeville the miracle they have been praying for

.• Abigail loves her little brother, but sometimes he can be a nuisance. When he drowns, she blames herself. Believing God can bring him back to life, she braves a blizzard on the Kansas prairie.

 • As a concert pianist, Ruth revels in her music. When it is taken away by arthritis, she becomes a cleaning lady just to be near the piano on which she performed. In this empty concert hall, she encounters the music of the night. 

• Sarah. scrapes together just a few coins to buy a gift for her husband, James. Not enough for even a small gift. James is falsely accused of robbery and murder. In jail, he remembers the old preacher at the orphanage reading the birth of Christ.

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Never Ending Spring by author Darrell Case

Never Ending Spring


Winner best mystery Author Elite Awards 2020

Never Ending Spring, is a book filled with action, intrigue, murder, mystery and suspense.


When his daughter- and son-in-law are murdered Jack Johnson knows the identity of the killer-God. He stuck once before taking the life of Jack’s 4-year-old son. The police are helpless. As far as Jack is concerned, he is the only one hunting for God’s human instrument.

 As he narrows in on the killer, he endangers what’s left of his family. Jack must save his wife Ruth and granddaughter but will he lose his life and his soul before he uncovers the murderer? 

Out of Darkness by author Darrell Case

Out of Darkness


David Padgett, pastor, author, or serial killer? David pastors Grace Tabernacle, one of the largest churches in the world. His daily TV and radio ministries reaches millions. His books top the New York Times bestseller list. He has earned the respect of the Christian and non-Christian community. The future for David and Grace Tabernacle seems bright and inviting.

Yet David has a secret. 25 years ago, a woman he dated disappeared. Police later discovered her body in a shallow grave. They never caught her killer. Now a prominent member of Grace Tabernacle has been killed. Arrested and charged with her murder, David’s family and church abandoned him. Alone and discouraged, David’s soul plunges into the black abyss he feared for so long. Is there hope for David? Can God rescue him or is it too late?

The Secret of Killer's Knob by author Darrell Case

The Secret of Killer's Knob


Sherriff Buck Olsen has survived two shootouts, the death of his wife and 29 years in law enforcement. The blue grass killer is murdering women in Bucks county. That makes it personal. 21 women are dead and unless Buck can stop him more will die. Determined to catch this serial killer, Buck makes himself a target. Now the killer is stalking him.

As a Christian, Buck sees beyond the grave. He knows his beloved Matty is waiting for him in heaven. But he has no plans to join her soon. When Buck and The Blue Grass Killer finally meet face to face, only one of them will come out alive.