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Darrell lives in central Indiana with his dog, Abby and cat, Lacy. He relaxes by flower gardening, reading, feeding the birds and wildlife that abound in  in the woods near his home. He has also ministered to prisoners for the past 40 years, helping them to find God and transform their lives. Now retired Darrell spends his days writing.
More Tales from My Back Porch
Sluagh by author Darrell Case
More Tales from My Back Porch


There can be nothing more satisfying than settling down to hear a tale told on a warm summer evening, seated on a back porch with a cool drink and some great company. This is where Darrell Case excels, as he weaves his magical craft with words delicately placed on the page and stretches your imagination to its limits.

In More Tales from My Back Porch he paints pictures that drop the reader so perfectly into the heart of the action that you may think you are an integral part of it. And as he harks back to an America of a generation or more ago, with 28 hypnotic tales that give more than a gentle nod to the great writers of that era, each one will leave you wanting more.

From Trig’s Smoking Wheels to Running the Bull, Darrell finds a way to deal with sometimes tricky subject matter and turn it into a reminiscence of a bygone era that many of us can relate to and enjoy again and again



Abused when a child, Max Furman mother tells him she should have killed him as an infant. The abuse and neglect deadens his heart. He is unloved and unwanted. When his sister Katie is born, his mother dotes on her the love Max craves.  One afternoon when he is fourteen. As Katie is sleeping, he murders her. His sister becomes his first kill.
Later, as an adult, Max develops into a serial killer of children, stealing their mother’s love. For eighteen years, he operates undetected, killing boys between the ages of four and seven. He buries their bodies where they are never found.
Then Max makes a fatal mistake. Yearning for recognition, he displays the dead children. Now the FBI is on the trail of the one the news media has labeled, “The Ghost.”
Seeking a place to hide, he sees an ad in a Christian Publication. Using a bogus resume, he becomes pastor of Waynesburg Baptist Church.
Angels Andrew and Antoine are created at the same instance. They became best friends and explored heaven, laughing, talking, serving The Lord. Then came the rebellion. Each one chose a side. Andrew stayed loyal to The Lord while Antoine joined Satan’s forces. After the fall, they became enemies sworn to battle each other for the souls of men.
Yet Antoine can never forget what he has lost. Nor can he wipe from his mind his future in the lake of fire. Antoine becomes Max’s Personal demon assisting him in all of his kills. Time is running out for Max And Antoine soon they will pay for their crimes
Sluagh Demon of the Night

Sluagh Demon of the Night

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Deadly Justice

A ruthless killer is stalking the women of Washington D.C. 18 bodies have been recovered from the Potomac River Weighted down with concrete blocks. The serial killer is Jerald Robbins the President of the United States. The Secret Service has no idea they are protecting a monster. From the Oval office Robbins establishes a network of assassins across America and sends them forth to execute anyone he deemed unworthy of living. FBI Director Tony Steel assigns Agent Alison Stevens to the case. Dogged by the memories of her murdered family, Alison is fleeing her own demons. During the investigation, she gets too close to the truth. Framed for murder of her partner Alison must elude the law and the vicious assassin Robbins sent to kill her. On the run, Alison fights for her life, to clear her name and bring Robbins to justice.