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A novel in six words? 

For sale

wedding gown

Never worn

As do most novelist I struggle with a synopsis. How do you reduce a multi-word book into a few paragraphs? Is it even possible to tell a story which took sometimes years to write in such a small space? What about the elevator pitch where you tell some one about your baby is a few brief sentences? Can it be done?

Yet in example above we discover a thought that could go several ways. Why was the dress never worn? What is the age of the writer of the ad? Is she an older woman living a life of loneliness? A young woman jilted at the alter? Perhaps her fiancé died or found another woman. Maybe the person selling the dress is not the one destine for marriage. The mother of the bride who died unexpectedly. Or an older man with an untold story?

What ever the reason the wedding dress is being sold for proposes unrevealed in the ad. Could you write a story or a novel from this prompt? Would it be a story of happiness or loneliness? Would it have a joyful ending or one of regret? Could the person in the story or novel be a young girl or an elderly woman reflecting on her life? Would she weep over love lost?

Whatever the cause for selling the dress, there is a wonderful story behind these six little words.

What would you do with:

For sale

Wedding grown

Never worn

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