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Are words magical?

What is the power of words? Can words change lives? A nation the world. When you read a novel, can you become a part of the story? Are you in pursuit of the killer? Can you feel the pain of heartache, sorrow, love, loss? Does your heart speed up? Do you feel fear? You may have read the story before and yet you read it again. You set comfortably in your easy chair or be relaxing in bed, but in your mind, you’re racing through a forest. Perhaps you’re chasing the killer or they you. How did you get there? By the words of an author. Yes, words have power.

Think, for instance, of a young man nervously asking a girl to marry him. Then later standing looking her in the eyes as he pledges to love her until parted by death. Or a parent who makes or breaks a child with words. Life is made up of words. There is a message of love or hate. Words can heal a nation or tear it apart. Words are something wonderful God gave us to bring His message of love and salvation to the world. The words we pen to pages may not be magical, however they can change our lives.

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