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Facing Christmas alone

My wife loved Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving, I would bring the artificial tree in from the garage. Then climb the ladder to the attic over the office and bring down the decorations. Together we set up the tree and deck it with ornaments and lights. A job my wife took seriously. Sometime she made cookies and hot chocolate. We searched the containers for Christmas videos and DVDs. Later, she would spend hours wrapping the gifts for others. Her wrapping clean and precise. Each one with a label. Soon the house would shine with the glory of Christmas.

That night we would enjoy pizza as we watch some Christmas show we played every year. What a blessing it was to relax in her arms as the movie progressed. On Christmas morning she picked from the tree just the right order of gifts, then presented them to me. She watched in anticipation as I opened what she lovingly selected. Christmas was always a wonder for her. But the greatest blessing I received was having her as my wife. And the greatest gift I received on Christmas morning or any time throughout the year was to have her as my companion.

This year I will face Christmas alone. On July 20th at 1:55 PM. my wife when home to be with The Lord. After 42 years of being together to say I miss her would be an understatement. The touch of her hand, her kiss of greeting her each morning, the house is empty without her. So this year and every year until The Lord calls me home, I will face Christmas alone. Yet I’m not alone, for the memory of her is in every smile and every Christmas carol.

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