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Why are writers so reclusive?

Why is it most authors prefer to be alone? To not show our work to others? Most writers are introverts laboring alone but never lonely. Sometimes we are typing at such a rate the misspelled words fill the page. At others, we may write only a few words and it seems they will never come. At those times, the thought flashes through our mind our job as a writer is over. The well is empty.

Then, like an ice jam in the spring, the words began to flow. The story rights itself. The characters live and breathe and have a heartbeat.

We are alone but never lonely. Those of which we write surround us. With each word, they become more and more real. We lock our office door and put our phone on silent. As we write, the outside world fades away. We are living in our story.

We may seem to be reclusive and be out of touch with reality. We, however, are living in another’s life. We feel their sorrow, their heartache, their fear, joy, happiness. So, if you come for a visit just be patience. We’ll be back in a little while.

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