2020 Global Author Elite Award

                      Darrell Case Wins 2020 Global Author Elite Award

Farmersburg resident Darrell Case has won a 2020 Author Elite Award in the Mystery category for his book, “Never Ending Spring.” Case was announced the winner at this year’s Online Experiential Author Elite Awards ceremony hosted from the Hilton Columbus/Polaris in Columbus, Ohio.

“Our goal is to help further connect this global community of authors, maintain excellence and integrity of the book publishing industry, and raise awareness that the stories being told and the authors who write them are worth our attention,” said Kary Oberbrunner, founder of Author Academy Elite and the Author Elite Awards.

Beginning in January, over 1,000 authors worldwide were nominated for their work in one of 16 categories. Authors of all kinds — indie (self-published), traditional, or collaborative published — were considered for an award. Entries were reviewed and evaluated on popular vote, social contribution, and overall presentation (cover, content, flow, and originality) by a panel of select judges. 

With the advent of COVID-19 restrictions, the event was part of an innovative experiential conference, with every aspect performed virtually. Case was invited, along with the other Top 10 finalists in the Mystery category, to present his book synopsis at the Author Elite Awards red carpet sessions. The evening included a red carpet meet and greet followed by the Author Elite Awards ceremony.

Case was invited to give an acceptance speech at the award ceremony and also received the Academy Boon of Merit Award; traditional media and social media press, including features on select podcasts, shows, vlogs, blogs and articles; lifetime access to 30 Days to a Bigger Stage Experience, an online program helping authors get publicity for their book; and a recorded coaching session with YouTube consultant Brad Burke on how to leverage your book with video.

Visit AuthorEliteAwards.com for more details on the Author Elite Awards.


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Anyone Can Become a Published Author

While many people write, few actually ever see their dream realized of becoming a published author, but why? With a little creativity, the right work ethic, and help from the right publishing company and editor, you too can become an author like Darrell.

But before Darrell became an author, he was an avid reader. In fact, he admits that he knew he wanted to be a writer from a very young age.

“I read books from an early age. The reason my mother realized I needed glasses is because I was trying to read a magazine at four years old.  Of course then I was just looking at the pictures. In high school, I read constantly, neglecting my studies.

I read such books as Big Red by Jim KjelgaardLad of Sunnybank by Albert Payson Terhune and The Call of the Wild by Jack London. I thought these authors were great, never thinking someday I would author a book.” 

From Idea to Book, Bringing the Story to Life

As Darrell has written almost a dozen books, he’s had lots of practice. And like wine, the finished products get better and better with time. And even his writing process has shifted through the years for the better.

Nowadays, he prefers to get his writing done early morning while his mind is most active. Some days the writing may linger until later in the morning, depending on the energy surrounding it, but the story is nevertheless with Darrell always. Growing and changing as ideas come to him.

And time from start to finish?

While each book and story is unique, from start to finish is normally at least a year. While at times, Darrell may dedicate his full energy to a particular novel, others he writes in segments. Sometimes writing part of a book, then letting it set for a time, only to return to it later.

While for some aspiring authors that may seem strange, veterans of the art of writing realize it’s not unusual for some books to set for years before being completed. And so it is with Darrell Case.

Fiction, Truth, and Inspiration

As far as what motivates Darrell to write and where the ideas come from, he draws from many places.He says that all his books, the likes of which have many main characters facing impossible, sometimes disheartening odds, are fictional. With the exception of Live Life to the Fullest. Which is coming up on its tenth year anniversary next year, by the way.

While many of his characters face things he himself hopes never to have to face, he admits they are truly only the product of his own imagination. And he writes and brings to life characters that he himself would enjoy reading about.  He writes what he loves to read.

The Original Manuscript

The idea that writers are born is a fantasy. Darrell in fact didn’t publish his first manuscript until age 49.

Having just completed a mission trip in Ukraine, he returned home to a postcard from a literary agent wanting to publish his book.

The problem was… he hadn’t yet written one.  And the card turned out to be bogus.

But, fake or not, it sparked within Darrell a desire that had lay dormant all those years. The desire to become a published author. And so, following receipt of that fateful postcard, he began writing.

Which is how his third novel, Never Ending Spring, was born.

Hobbies Aside From Writing

Outside of writing, Darrell Case spends his time in the peace and quiet, taking in the landscape and the view.

With his office being only a couple hundred feet from the house, he’s surrounded by woods on three sides, providing just such a calm as he desires.

His Love of Writing

As Darrell Case puts it, one of his favorite aspects of writing is letting the characters speak, and getting to tell their stories.

As it is, Darrell admits he’s more like I’m the observer when it comes to his characters and their tales. The scenes and adventures come to him in no particular order, and he writes them down just as the actions occur.

It seems that Darrell may have a bit in common with fellow Letters and Books author, Melissa Klein in that regard. That while both are writers, having a general sense of where their characters’ stories are going, sometimes there are twists and turns that even they didn’t see coming.  

Books in a Baker’s Dozen

Twelve. With magic number thirteen on its way.

Author Darrell Case has spent the past several years churning out story after memorable story. Each one unique.

Though Darrell’s deep roots to Christianity prove the ever present theme in his stories, the characters all face very different challenges. And find themselves in the midst of very different circumstances.

And does the author of a baker’s dozen worth of stories have a favorite in the mix?

The Secret of Killer’s Knob, due out this fall, may just take the cake.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Authors

In giving out words of wisdom for other would be authors, Darrell’s most important piece of advice?


For all writers are first readers. And it is that love of reading that spurs them towards writing their own great adventures.

Secondly? He says to write. Write the good, the bad, just write. And make a habit of doing so, if only a few sentences. Do it daily.

And lastly? Never quit.

Darrell Case makes mention of the fact that even the best writers throughout history have at one time or another faced rejection.

Closing Remarks From Darrell

If there was one thing that an outstanding author like Darrell Case would want to share with his fans, above all else, it would be this:

He’s just like you and me. An ordinary guy. One whom the Lord has simply blessed with a very active imagination.

And though God graces each one of us with varied talents and abilities, Darrell’s just happens to be writing. 

Be sure and check out Darrell’s best selling titles on Amazon.

Tales from My Back Porch

Out of Darkness

Never Ending Spring


                                                               Senmer News Wire 

For Christian author Darrell Case, there was no other choice. Former Clark County IL. Sheriff Jerry Parsley had to be the model for the cover of Case’s new book, The Secret of Killer’s Knob.  Having known Case for many years, Parsley agreed to set for the photoshoot over a year before the book was completed.

Two of Case’s books Tales from My Back Porch and Never Ending Spring have been nominated for awards with Authors Academy Awards. His story Music of The Night was picked from 5,000 authors to appear in the new anthology by storystar.com. His stories on one site bedtime.com have over281,000 views. The Secret of Killer’s Knob is Cases eleven books. His twelve book Hemingway’s Typewriter is scheduled to be released later this year The Secret of Killer’s Knob Synopsis

Sherriff Buck Olsen has survived two shootouts, the death of his wife and 29 years in law enforcement. The bluegrass killer is murdering women in Bucks county. That makes it personal. 21 women are dead and unless Buck can stop him, more will die. Determined to catch this serial killer, Buck makes himself a target. Now the killer is stalking him.

As a Christian, Buck sees beyond the grave. He knows his beloved Matty is waiting for him in heaven. But he has no plans to join her soon. When Buck and The Blue Grass Killer finally meet face to face, only one of them will come out alive.
The Secret of Killer’s Knob is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million or your local bookstore. The audio version is to be released later this year with voice actor Michael Robbins.

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