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Seven stories that celebrate the hope, magic, and the true meaning of Christmas bundled together in one volume.

  • Facing. another gloomy Christmas, Jeff Barlow contemplates suicide as the only answer to his pain. A letter to Santa from a lonely little girl changes his life.
  • Stuck in a nursing home, Bessie becomes bitter and resentful. Then one Christmas God reveals her value to Him and others.
  • When his wonderful wife Mandy dies days before Christmas, Steven is devastated. They have vowed to spend each Christmas Eve together. Steven discovers even death can't keep them apart.
  • The. Great Depression is riding the folks at Coffeeville Hard. Their homes and even the church are in foreclosure. They brace themselves to go through another Christmas with nothing. But God has other plans and gives the people of Coffeeville the miracle they have been praying for.
  • .Abigail loves her little brother, but sometimes he can be a nuisance. When he drowns, she blames herself. Believing God can bring him back to life, she braves a blizzard on the Kansas prairie.
  • As a concert pianist, Ruth revels in her music. When it is taken away by arthritis, she becomes a cleaning lady just to be near the piano on which she performed. In this empty concert hall, she encounters the music of the night.
  • Sarah. scrapes together just a few coins to buy a gift for her husband, James. Not enough for even a small gift. James is falsely accused of robbery and murder. In jail, he remembers the old preacher at the orphanage reading the birth of Christ.
    Stories to warm your heart and bring out the joy of Christmas.

Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas

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