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To lose yourself in a story is one of the greatest pleasures of mankind.

So set back, relax and forget the problems of the day and let me tell you a story

  • Hal desperately wants to be a writer and thinks Hemingway’s Typewriter is just what he needs, but will it destroy him?

  • Oscar wants to be a rich man. His goal may not land him on the panicle of success but in a prison cell.

  • In Death Revisited a dying, a man finds what is truly important in life.

  • Ryan discovers he is His Own Worst Enemy

  • Larry believes there is a witch in the Neighborhood and it could lead to the death of his best friend.

  • Cody disobeys his parents and goes into the pasture to cool his feet in the spring. But can he outrun the bull?

These and other stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. More Tails from My Back Porch is like a fine meal, totally satisfying. So relax with a glass of your favorite beverage and let me tell a story.

More Tales from My Back Porch

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    Case is a creative and engaging writer. His books are easy to pick up and hard to put down. The plot lines are not overly complicated, but are attractive. I especially appreciate the absence of distasteful and inappropriate things found in so many books today.