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Start your heart racing with Max Furman: The Ghost, the story of an elusive killer on the run from the FBI. When Max Furman, a vicious slayer of children dubbed the 'Ghost' by the news media, is forced to take on a new identity as the pastor of Waynesboro Baptist Church, FBI agents Kevin Kebel and Isla McFarland go undercover to bring him to justice. But Max will do anything to keep on fulfilling his lust for blood, and a battle between God and Satan ensues. Can the agents survive and bring Max to justice? Buy now before the price changes and find out! If you enjoyed the suspense of Stephen King's Misery, you'll love Max Furman: The Ghost. With its intense conflict, powerful emotions, and thrilling plot, this book will leave you breathless.


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    Case is a creative and engaging writer. His books are easy to pick up and hard to put down. The plot lines are not overly complicated, but are attractive. I especially appreciate the absence of distasteful and inappropriate things found in so many books today.