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Sluagh:Demon of the night

Max Furman is a slayer of children. A demon of the night. The news media dubs him the ghost.

For years, he has eluded capture. He fades in and out, murdering his victims at will. But now the FBI is closing in. With no place else to hide, Max forges documents and becomes pastor of Waynesboro Baptist Church. But how long can he control his compulsion to kill? At 14, he murdered his baby sister, and developed a taste for blood. Now he kills for no other reason than to see his victims die.

As Satan’s general, Antoine is fighting a war he cannot win. His old friend Andrew is now his enemy. Yet he battles on. Antoine is Max’s personal demon, his assignment to assist Max in his murders. God assigns Andrew to bring Max and Antoine to justice. The battle will be a deadly one that shakes the earth.

Unaware of the demonic influence, FBI agents Kevin Kebel and Lsla McFarland, go undercover to bring down this ruthless killer. Desperate to escape, Max will do whatever it takes to get away and keep on fulfilling his lust for blood. But first he must kill the two agents tracking him and get away. After all, he is the ghost.

If you enjoyed Piercing the Darkness Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti you will love this book.

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