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Darrell's Books

Darrell Case writes books he would love to read. By way of publication  he shares these stories with you.

Award winning novel

Never Ending Spring


Never Ending Spring" is an award-winning Christian mystery novel set in Elm Grove, Indiana in 1949, written by Darrell Case. This captivating tale follows the life of Jack Johnson, a man burdened by grief and running from God.

Tragedy strikes when Jack discovers his son-in-law dead and his beloved daughter, clinging to life. Devastated by these events, Jack is driven by a desperate desire for justice and embarks on a quest to uncover the identity of the killer, who has now become a threat to everything he holds dear.

As Jack delves deeper into the dark secrets and hidden motives of those around him, he finds himself confronted with a chilling reality. With each step he takes toward unraveling the mystery, danger looms ever closer, claiming another innocent life. Jack must face the demons of his past and confront his inner turmoil as he races against time to protect his family and find the killer before it’s too late.

Jack's guilt and doubt haunt him, making him question if redemption and forgiveness are possible.. As he navigates through a web of deceit and betrayal, he discovers that even in the darkest of times, God’s grace can shine through, offering hope and healing.

Darrell Case skillfully combines suspense, faith and human resilience in this captivating Christian mystery. Readers will be captivated by the vivid setting of Elm Grove and engrossed in the twists and turns of the intricate plot. The characters are richly developed, each with their own secrets and motivations, adding depth to the story’s tapestry.

“Never Ending Spring” is an emotional rollercoaster that explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of faith. Jack's fight to protect his loved ones and reconcile with his faith will captivate readers.

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Out of Darkness

He is the Senior Pastor of one of the largest churches in America. His voice is heard daily throughout the world. His books dominate the front of bookstores. He is a millionaire. He is a fraud.

America’s largest companies seek senior Pastor, David Padgett to speak to their leaders. His salary per year is more than most pastors make in their lifetime. David seems to live the dream. His son he is ready to follow in his footsteps. David has achieved what he set out to do.

But behind the facade, his life is empty and lifeless. His wife is more interested in money and prestige than in spreading the Word of God. His son is covering up an adulteress affair.

Then one of the richest women of his congregation is murdered. David becomes the prime suspect. Arrested and charged with her murder, the church fires David. His closest friends turn against him. Now the life he has shaped and nurtured is falling apart.

But God is not finished with David. He is about to bring him out of darkness. But is David Padgett just a victim of circumstances beyond his control, or is he al killer with a dark past?

If you love novels by Alana Terry and Thomas Fincham, you will love Out of Darkness.

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The Secret of Killer's Knob

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Sheriff Buck Olsen thought he had seen it all during his long and uneventful career in law enforcement. With crime in his peaceful hometown reduced to mere trivialities, he never anticipated the grim presence lurking just beyond his doorstep.
Unbeknownst to Buck, a sinister serial killer, known as the Blue Grass Killer, has been on a relentless killing spree, secretly burying his unsuspecting victims near Buck's own home. This deranged murderer is no ordinary criminal. He has meticulously studied the methods of infamous mass murderers, perfecting his own art of death without detection. With an insatiable thirst for blood, he shows no signs of slowing down, leaving a trail of terror in his wake.
When Buck unwittingly discovers the killer's most recent victim, the sleepy Beaufort County suddenly finds itself in the national spotlight. The FBI descends upon the tranquil community, launching a full-scale investigation into this unprecedented reign of terror. Desperate to lure the killer out, Buck daringly offers himself as bait, plunging himself into a perilous game of cat and mouse.
As the predator closes in on his prey, Buck's life hangs in the balance, and the entire nation holds its breath. A high-stakes showdown between two men with drastically different motivations looms on the horizon—a battle where survival is the only option.
In this heart-pounding thriller, veteran lawman Buck Olsen must confront the darkest depths of human depravity to protect his community and ultimately, himself. Can he outsmart and outmaneuver the cunning Blue Grass Killer, or will he become the next victim in this deadly game?
Prepare to be gripped by an unforgettable tale of suspense, where one man's fight for justice will push him to the edge of his limits.

River of Fire

Adam Wakefield's dream of bringing the Lord to Chicago quickly takes a dark turn when the last pastor is mysteriously murdered. With two conspirators lurking in the shadows, Adam knows he could be their next target. But when he meets the beautiful Victoria, a woman with a mysterious past, love blossoms and he finds himself caught between his faith and his newfound love. Will their romance be enough to keep him alive, or will Adam fall victim to the two conspirators? In this thrilling and suspenseful romantic mystery from award-winning author Darrell Case, you'll be kept guessing until the very end. If you enjoyed the work of DiAnn Mills, Terri Blackstock, Susan Sleeman, Alton Gansky, Karen Kingsbury, and Robin Patchen, you'll love this gripping novel

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More Tales from My Back Porch

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To lose yourself in a story is one of the greatest pleasures of mankind.

So set back, relax and forget the problems of the day and let me tell you a story

  • Hal desperately wants to be a writer and thinks Hemingway’s Typewriter is just what he needs, but will it destroy him?

  • Oscar wants to be a rich man. His goal may not land him on the panicle of success but in a prison cell.

  • In Death Revisited a dying, a man finds what is truly important in life.

  • Ryan discovers he is His Own Worst Enemy

  • Larry believes there is a witch in the Neighborhood and it could lead to the death of his best friend.

  • Cody disobeys his parents and goes into the pasture to cool his feet in the spring. But can he outrun the bull?

These and other stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. More Tails from My Back Porch is like a fine meal, totally satisfying. So relax with a glass of your favorite beverage and let me tell a story.

Live Life to the Fullest

Start your journey to success, contentment, and purpose today with Live Life to the Fullest: Enjoying the Life God Intended For You to Live! This empowering book will show you how to unlock the power of positive thinking to transform almost any aspect of your life, find lasting happiness in the face of adversity, heal your marriage and become a better person, and live a debt free life and be ready to change the world. With this book, you will learn how to:

- Live life to its fullest potential
- Discover how to see yourself as God sees you
- Find lasting happiness in the face of adversity
- Heal your marriage and become a better person
- Live a debt free life and be ready to change the world

This book will help you become the person God intended you to be and live a life that is filled with joy and delight. With its actionable advice and tips, you will be equipped with the tools to take control of your life, enjoy the life God intended for you, and gain the confidence and peace of mind to face the challenges before you. Get your copy of Live Life to the Fullest today and start living the life of intention you always wanted.

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Abigail, Queen of Natronia: A Fairy Tale

When children discover books, they find a fascinating world where they can develop their imagination. In the wonderful world of books, they can fight monsters, discover new lands, talk with animals and sail pirate ships. In books they can make friends with people who lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Perhaps most importantly, they can expand their minds to embrace the uniqueness of each individual and see the good in themselves and others. To this end was Abigail, Queen of Natronia written. Loved by her parents yet spurned by others, she sees beyond their hostility and finds the good in life. The stories she pens bring positive change, not only to her village but also to the entire kingdom in which she lives. It is my hope that the message of this story will stay with you all your life and you will find the good in those around you.

Hands of The Father

The Killing Fields of Jackson's Farm is a story of terror and hope. Globe Jackson is a young boy living on his family's farm, struggling to survive his father's murderous rampage. Every day Globe is forced to feed and care for the victims his father intends to kill, and he finds solace in the love of God, delivered by Pastor Jeremiah Fuller. But when his father attempts to take the pastor's life, Globe's fate seems sealed—until Jeremiah miraculously survives and vows to save the boy. As the suspenseful story unfolds, readers will be captivated by Globe's plight and will be desperate to discover his fate. If you enjoyed the gripping suspense of Stephen King's Misery, you won't want to miss The Killing Fields of Jackson's Farm.

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Deadly Justice

What would you do if you discovered the President of the United States was a spiral killer?

Darning her investigation, FBI Agent Alison Stevens suspects they assigned her to the case as a coverup. Digging, she comes closer and closer to the truth. Then Alison is framed for the murder of a fellow agent. While she is being transported to a federal prison, President Jerald Robbins orders her to be killed. During the attempt, another officer is murdered. Alison escapes and runs for her life. Now she must elude the law, kill the assassin, and bring Robbins to justice and stay alive. But staying alive may prove impossible.


Enjoy books by James Patterson or David Baldacci? Then you will love Deadly Justice

A Better Way to Live

Discover a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment with "A Better Way to Live". This book will help readers to uncover the keys to living a victorious life rather than one plagued by defeat. Through its teachings and principles, readers can learn how to align their life with God's plan, enabling them to experience a profound sense of purpose, contentment, and fulfillment.

This book will:
* Instill hope and confidence in readers as they navigate the challenges of life
* Inspire readers to pursue their dreams with renewed energy and determination
* Lead readers to overcome obstacles, heal broken relationships, and find true joy

"A Better Way to Live" acknowledges the struggles of modern life, but also offers insight on how to live a better life through faith, hope, and trust in God's guidance. It encourages readers to seek a vibrant and thriving marriage, to approach each day with anticipation and excitement, and to rekindle their dreams. Buy now before the price changes and start your journey to a more fulfilled life.

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Miracle at Coffeeville: And Other Legends of Christmas 


Seven stories that celebrate the hope, magic, and the true meaning of Christmas bundled together in one volume.

  • Facing. another gloomy Christmas, Jeff Barlow contemplates suicide as the only answer to his pain. A letter to Santa from a lonely little girl changes his life.

  • Stuck in a nursing home, Bessie becomes bitter and resentful. Then one Christmas God reveals her value to Him and others.

  • When his wonderful wife Mandy dies days before Christmas, Steven is devastated. They have vowed to spend each Christmas Eve together. Steven discovers even death can't keep them apart.

  • The. Great Depression is riding the folks at Coffeeville Hard. Their homes and even the church are in foreclosure. They brace themselves to go through another Christmas with nothing. But God has other plans and gives the people of Coffeeville the miracle they have been praying for.

  • .Abigail loves her little brother, but sometimes he can be a nuisance. When he drowns, she blames herself. Believing God can bring him back to life, she braves a blizzard on the Kansas prairie.

  • As a concert pianist, Ruth revels in her music. When it is taken away by arthritis, she becomes a cleaning lady just to be near the piano on which she performed. In this empty concert hall, she encounters the music of the night.

  • Sarah. scrapes together just a few coins to buy a gift for her husband, James. Not enough for even a small gift. James is falsely accused of robbery and murder. In jail, he remembers the old preacher at the orphanage reading the birth of Christ.
    Stories to warm your heart and bring out the joy of Christmas.

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When the FBI closes in on Max Furman, a vicious slayer of children dubbed the 'Ghost' by the news media, he has no where to hide. With no other option, Max takes on a new identity as the pastor of Waynesboro Baptist Church, but his dark compulsion to kill still lurks beneath the surface. Meanwhile, God and Satan wage a war on earth to decide the fate of Max and his personal demon, Antoine. FBI agents Kevin Kebel and Isla McFarland go undercover to bring Max to justice, but Max will do whatever it takes to get away and keep on fulfilling his lust for blood. Will the two agents survive the battle and bring Max to justice? Buy now before the price changes to find out!

Packed with powerful emotions and intense conflict, A thrilling read that will leave you breathless. you will love Max Furman: The Ghost.

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Experience the magical power of God's influence on the lives of ordinary people in Darrell Case's Tales from My Back Porch. Through ten diverse stories, explore the gritty and enchanting moments of people trying to overcome challenges and suddenly finding themselves face-to-face with the miracle of God's helping hand. From cruelly oppressive workplaces to the joy of a first love, each story looks back through a person's life as they reflect upon a time when they could not imagine a way forward and yet became rich with possibility. Feel the power of God's presence in your own day to day living and be reminded of his mysterious and unexpected ways. If you enjoyed the compelling stories of "The Shack" you'll love Tales from My Back Porch.

Tales from My Back Porch

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