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About Darrell


Darrell Case is an author who has written several novels, collections of short stories, nonfiction books, and a book for young readers. He also contributes to  the daily devotional "Call to Glory."
His writing journey began with an unexpected postcard from a fraudulent literary agent, which inspired him to start writing. Despite facing rejection from many publishers, he persisted and eventually published his first novel, "Never Ending Spring," in 1996. His dedication to writing paid off in 2020 when his book received recognition from the Author Elite Awards as the best mystery for that year.

 Darrell Case retired from a 40-year career in jail and prison ministry after his wife Connie passed away in July 2021.
He now focusing on writing full-time. His story is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of one's passion for writing. If you have any specific questions or if there's more you would like to know about Darrell Case or his works, please feel free to ask.

My Story

 My story is the story of every author with a passion for the literary arts. In highschool I read books when I should have been studying. I read such books as ‘Big Red’ ‘Lad of Sunnybank’ and others. To me, being an author was the greatest profession in the world. To weave a world where you can picture it in your mind. I never dreamed someday The Lord wouldn’t allow me the privilege of being an author.

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