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Sheriff Buck Olsen thought he had seen it all during his long and uneventful career in law enforcement. With crime in his peaceful hometown reduced to mere trivialities, he never anticipated the grim presence lurking just beyond his doorstep.
Unbeknownst to Buck, a sinister serial killer, known as the Blue Grass Killer, has been on a relentless killing spree, secretly burying his unsuspecting victims near Buck's own home. This deranged murderer is no ordinary criminal. He has meticulously studied the methods of infamous mass murderers, perfecting his own art of death without detection. With an insatiable thirst for blood, he shows no signs of slowing down, leaving a trail of terror in his wake.
When Buck unwittingly discovers the killer's most recent victim, the sleepy Beaufort County suddenly finds itself in the national spotlight. The FBI descends upon the tranquil community, launching a full-scale investigation into this unprecedented reign of terror. Desperate to lure the killer out, Buck daringly offers himself as bait, plunging himself into a perilous game of cat and mouse.
As the predator closes in on his prey, Buck's life hangs in the balance, and the entire nation holds its breath. A high-stakes showdown between two men with drastically different motivations looms on the horizon—a battle where survival is the only option.
In this heart-pounding thriller, veteran lawman Buck Olsen must confront the darkest depths of human depravity to protect his community and ultimately, himself. Can he outsmart and outmaneuver the cunning Blue Grass Killer, or will he become the next victim in this deadly game?
Prepare to be gripped by an unforgettable tale of suspense, where one man's fight for justice will push him to the edge of his limits.

The Secret of Killer's Knob

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